Wet room kit shower tray the best solution

Wet room kit shower tray the best solution

Functional bathroom should take into account all the elements necessary to make it a pleasant way to spend time in it. Shower cabins with a shower tray had to find their place in every apartment. They belong to the solutions that enjoy the highest popularity in many countries, Poles also eagerly reach for them.

Wet room kit shower tray – choose from many attractive models

The choice of a set, which includes spray booths with a shower tray, is a solution for people who for various reasons do not respond to the installation of a linear drain. The advantages of the sets are the ease of mounting the cabin and its high tightness. It is a great alternative to a bathtub or an option in those bathrooms where there is no place for it. It is worth noting that a shower cabin with a deep shower tray will be perfect if there are older people living in the house or with traffic restrictions. Cabins with a large depth shower tray will also prove to be a place for bathing small children. In turn, showers with shallow, floor-standing wet room kit shower trays, are a perfect complement to the bathroom, maintained in a modern style. Taking into account the high quality of workmanship, the prices of individual models are extremely attractive. We recommend shower cabins with a shower tray known and valued on the Polish and European market by producers such as Koło and Sanplast.

Wet room kit shower tray adapted to the character and size of the bathroom

Deciding to buy a shower enclosure with a wet room kit shower trays in the set, we can be sure that we will avoid problems with matching the elements. They are fully compatible, which guarantees the tightness of the set. We can choose between showers with a semi-circular, square or rectangular shower tray, depending on the individual preferences and possibilities of the room. They differ from each other not only in terms of shape and price, but also the material from which they were made. Shower enclosures with steel, acrylic and conglomerate shower trays are available. Cabins with acrylic shower are most popular, which results mainly from low price, low weight and easy assembly.
The showers with conglomerate shower trays are characterized by high durability and aesthetic appearance, however high prices are their disadvantage. Functional and effective shower enclosures with shower tray is not only a place to take care of hygiene, but also a way to relax. Cabins with hydromassage or a seat are perfect, suitable for rest after a hard day, introducing a pleasant state of relaxation.

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